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Monitor & Video Cable Manufacturing and Wholesale
Custom Video Cables and Extensions, Custom Audio Video Cables, Custom DisplayPort Cables, Video Adapters, Audio Video Adapters, Video Splitters, Custom Video Extension Cables

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video cable Our capabilities range from small orders to volume production for: Custom Video Cable Assemblies / Custom Monitor Cable Assemblies 

Description: Standard High-quality video cables, backed up by our lifetime warranty and Custom Video Cables built to specs

Our company offers custom video cable manufacturing services, from design,engineering and prototypes to full scale production. We have a high level of experience and knowledge and our specialists are ready to help you not only meet the specifications, but surpass them. Please see below some of the products we offer:

    reddot  Custom Video Cables, Custom Audio Video Cables, Highly Customized Solutions for the OEM/ODM markets

    reddot Custom Length Video Cables: all our standard Video cables customized for length, DVI, HDMI, VGA, S-Video, Component & Composite A/V cables available

    reddot Custom DisplayPort Cables: DisplayPort Cable with Latches, DisplayPort to DVI Cable Adapter / Converters,  DisplayPort to HDMI Cable Adapter / Converters

    reddot Custom Flat Panel Monitor Cables: DVI-D Single Link Display Cable, DVI-I Dual Link Digital/Analog Flat Panel Cable, DVI-D Single Link Extension Cable, DVI to VGA Analog Flat Panel Display Cable, etc.

    reddot Custom VGA Cables / Custom SVGA Cables

    reddot Custom DVI Cables / Custom HDMI Cables: HDMI Digital Audio/Video Cable, HDMI to DVI Adapters, HDMI to HDMI Digital Video Cable, HDMI 1 to 2 Splitter Cable, Mini HDMI to Mini HDMI Digital Video Cable

    reddot Custom RCA Cables - Composite RCA, Coaxial Composite RCA Video Cable

    reddot Custom Video Component Cables: Component RCA Video+Audio Cable, Component RCA Video Cable

    reddot Custom Video Composite Cables for TVs, Standard and Premium versions, Custom Length Composite Cables, Composite+RCA Audio Cable

    reddot Custom S-Video Cables: S-Video/Super VHS Multimedia Cable, S-Video to Composite Video Adapter, Premium  S-Video Cable

    reddot Custom Audio Video cables: S-Video + 3.5mm Headphone Sound to S-Video + RCA Audio PC to TV A/V Cable

    reddot Custom RF Video Cables: RF Coaxial Video Cable, Digital Coaxial Audio Cable

    reddot Custom Video Extension Cables: Video Extenders for Extend DVI, HDMI, VGA, S-Video, Component, Composite   video signals, DVI over Cat5, HDMI over Cat5, S-Video over Cat5 Extender, Video Equalizers / Extenders, Component Video (YPbPr) Cat5 Extenders, etc

displayport-cableAbout DisplayPort Cables
Our DisplayPort cables feature a small USB-sized latching connector, two-way display connectivity, optional audio support, higher performance than dual link DVI at 10.8 Gigabits per second, and a unique micro-packet architecture that enables new display features. DisplayPort supports a maximum of 10.8 Gbit/s data rate and WQXGA (2560×1600) resolution over a 15 meter cable

Display Port Cable Advantages
DisplayPort offers full digital audio support (up to eight channels) in the same cable as video Supports the DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection) standard in addition to HDCP

Our Strengths

     Great Product Diversity, we manufacture and market many types of video and audio cables
     Guaranteed Quality & Lifetime Warranty for our standard audio video cables
     Unbeatable Prices for both standard and custom video cable assemblies
     Fast and reliable Deliveries
     Expert Tech Support
     Built to Print Available, video cable design, video cable engineering, custom video applications, custom molding
     In House Video Cable Prototypes
     Small to Large Runs
     OEM Video Cable manufacturing


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