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Custom USB - Cables, Extensions, Adapters, Converters, Powered USB
Custom Length USB, Custom Printed USB, Right Angles, Custom Molding, USB Cable Bundles, Internal USB, Server Interface Modules for USB, MultiPort Panels

usb cable

powered usb cable

Our capabilities range from small orders to volume production for: Custom USB Cable Assemblies

Description: USB cables for all your USB peripheral connections


Our company offers custom USB manufacturing services, for a large diversity of Cables, USB Extensions, USB Adapters, USB Converters, Powered USB, and other custom USB products, at very competitive prices and very fast deliveries for quantities ranging from small to high volume. Working with us is easy and fast, just tell us what kind of custom USB cable you need or send us your spec files for a quick evaluation and a quick quote. We offer:


    multiport-panel reddotCustom Length USB Cable Assemblies, USB 2.0 Cables, High Speed Certified USB 2.0 Cable, USB A to MicroUSB B Cable, USB A to MicroUSB B Cable - Right Angle, USB to Infrared/IrDA SIR/FIR Adapters, 24V to 1x8 Powered USB Cable, DisplayPort Cable with Latches, USB A Female to Motherboard Header Adapter, USB Digital Camera Cables, Fully Rated USB Cable A-B, Fully Rated USB Cable A-B, Fully Rated USB Extension Cable A-A, USB Plates For PC Motherboards, Server Interface Modules for USB, 3.5" Drive Bay Multi-Port Panel

    reddotCustom Printed USB Products, Custom Printed USB Cables, USB Extenders, etc.
    USB Cable Design and Engineering, Special Applications

    reddotCustom USB Cable Molding, Custom Strain Relief & Grommets

    reddotCustom USB Cable Bundles, such as 4-in-1 USB, DVI, Audio, and Microphone KVM Switch Cables, USB 4-in-1 Console Extension Cables for monitor, speakers, USB mouse, and USB keyboard

    reddotRapid USB Cable Prototypes

    reddotFor more USB products, please contact us.

Sample Custom USB Digital Cable

Create a cable that would provide an internal USB type A connection for a custom control module, that would terminate in an external molded USB type B connector. It was critical that the cable be able to withstand the strain that would result from repeated usage and re-positioning.

We designed and prototyped a strongly shielded USB A-B cable, that would lock perfectly into the groove in the customer s molded enclosure. Custom strain reliefs were then molded to fit on the inner and outer surfaces of the enclosure, ensuring that the cable would remain securely positioned while still allowing complete flexibility. The look and feel of the finished product were enhanced by the inclusion of the customer s logo on the cable molding.

Our Strengths

    reddot Expertise and quality to design and engineer cables and wire harnesses for your unique needs
    Huge Selection of cable types, connectors and terminals, custom lengths and colors, we support leading-edge as well as legacy technologies
    Superior Cable Molding and Strain Relief, enhanced protection against the normal wear and tear that can result from repeated insertions and removals
    Quality Assurance: Most connectivity products are 100% tested and backed by a lifetime warranty
    Experience in highly customized cabling products for global companies
    Best Value: Your best combination of performance and price
    On Time Deliveries

Corporate End-Users, Dealers & Resellers Welcome - Check our Discounts for USB CABLES

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